Total Quality Management

Here is total quality management procedure summarised from my work. Attention on detail is the key success factor of TQM.

Prevention phase- input

Check source documents. Do you understand? What do I need to do? Why do I need to do? How to do it? Which is the best way to do?

First Check inputted result against source documents, CORRECT? Or WRONG?

Review source documents during process. What were requirements or purpose preforming the tasks? Have I completed the task? How did I do? Did I do it right?

Second check inputted result against source documents, CORRECT? Or WRONG?

Appraisal phase-review

Once more reviews source documents against actual figures in the system.

Have I completed the task? Have I performed all required steps by now?

Have I still missed steps? YES, go back to source documents fix it.

Am I sure now? ALL CORRECT? SURE!

Third check that is cross checking, email to authority person a list contained what you have done along with any suspected figures. Any figures are above normal or below normal range. This is Pay Summary report. It is assurance comes from original source.

Internal phase-authority

Found errors in Pay Authority report by accountant, commercial manager, pay run rejected.

The assurance failed at original source.

Rework fix it and back to Appraisal phase.

External phase-recover

It is too late to fix in current process, when fund released from bank.

Setup a recover or addition payment procedure