What We Do

We do everything around money, we count dollars for you & for your business from accounting perspective.

Technical & software

• SAP • P2P Palette Arena • Quick Book • MYOB •IMS Payroll • Xero • Chris 21 • HR 21 • Kronos Time and Attendance • Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, OneNotes) •  Baseplan • and more

This is business blood flow

This is your financial performance

This is your financial position

ZZZ Accountants methobology


We proactive contact clients, make sure clients will not miss all sort of obligations and payments.

We proactive communicate with clients, make sure we have well understood your business operation.

We proactive answer clients’ queries through multiply communication channels on txt, Wechat, Viber, Facebook messenger, Twitter, Linkedin messenger, Whatapp, as well as Email that is for sure. If we missed a call, we proactive call back asap.


We love our environment, we prefer to run on paperless. We are not specified recommended any accounting package. It depends on client preference. The best accounting software is the most convenience software client familiar to use. For instance, client X uses excel very well keeping all records, we adopt excel spreadsheet on client’s the best interest. Client X will not need to learn new software wasting time. We are able to operate most of any accounting software, such as Freshbooks, FreeAgent, Zoho Books, Quickbook, Xero, Wave, NetSuite, Sage, MYOB, Microsoft Dynamic, more. If client doesn’t know which one is the most suitable package, we will choose one at the most cost-effective way covering all accounting functions need for business operating. Don’t be surprised, the software can be free of charge. We don’t get a cent commission on selling software. We act the best interest for clients, not us.

Simple word

ZZZ Accountants say how much money has client earned? That is client’s financial performance = profit loss.

What valuable assets or stuffs does client have, how much obligation does client have to pay now and further? That is client financial position = balance sheet.

How much cash does client have received from various earning channels at point of time? That is cash flow.

How much money has client retained in company account for further spending? That is change equity.

ZZZ Accountants do all those accounting things and statements act on clients’ the best of interest. ZZZ Accountants do income tax and GST for business and individual, PAYE, we are precisely doing payroll as well.

In additional, ZZZ Accountants help clients register company, register GST number, prepare documents for opening company bank accounts, select appropriate accounting method, choose appropriate balance date at the most suitable time for clients.

ZZZ Accountants also do month end reporting, attach all accounts trial balance, as long as client supplied all information before reporting date. They are just accounts balanced reports at certain day.

ZZZ Accountants provide all following services

• Setup and register new company from company name reservation to complete setup
• Consult and select appropriate accounting method
• Consult and select appropriate accounting software include payroll system
• Setup full accounting system, chartered accounts, provide reports and training clients
• Setup fix assets register based on client requirements
• Conduct tax compliance, IR3, IR4, IR10, GST, FBT, PTS, PAYE, ACC levy, Provisional tax etc
• Request, collect, and compile all necessary documents

• Review business and personal income tax returns
• Advise business owners and individuals regarding the tax code and tax matters
• Process and calculate payroll taxes, Kiwisavers, Student loan repayment etc
• Maintain and garner new client relationships
• Monitor clients financial position and do bookkeeping
• Detect and address potential compliance issues
• Maintain compliance with all regulations for clients
• Maintain constant communication with IRD for clients
• Maintain secure all clients’ files