Rocks, Pebbles, Sand – efficient time management

I consider my available time as big bucket. All tasks are treating as rocks in various shape, pebbles and sand tasks that are various jobs, such spread sheet and ad hoc reports need to be performed during the day.

I plan ahead before starting daily tasks that help me efficient utilize limited time to do more works during the day. FIFO (first in first out) may not be the best methods, LIFO (last in first out) makes my daily tasks mess and it will drive some people crazy. If I perform the last in task in high priority on job list, I may end up first in job in the morning delay finishing by end of day.

It is great idea to priorities our daily tasks in to high, medium and low.

  • High: rocks, high priority, critical tasks with deadline in short time, in current working day.
  • Medium: pebbles, medium priority, important tasks with limited time, tasks due date beyond current working day.
  • Low: sand, low priority, tasks need to be completed at certain time in further day, beyond two working days.

I priories listed tasks and fill my bucket with rocks first, pebbles second, then sand filling up remaining gaps between stones. It allows fill up a full load of bucket in limited time. Next day, I priories all tasks over again that allows adjust medium to high priority, low to medium priority, and add new low priority into my workflow. This is my idea that allows performs more jobs every day.