Human Essential re productivity

Human Essential reproductivity

– 50 ideas you really need to know psychology, Adrian Furnham

This is an interesting topic. People often talk about beautiful woman or charming man, who are more attractive and outstanding of crowd. I remember that TV show Grey’s Anatomy repeated talking Mr. steamy that is attractive charming young doctor. Modern love story repeatedly show people fall in love and love deeply which eventual they have sex etc.

Recently, I found some cues on a book ‘50 ideas you really need to know psychology’. It summarised into one topic Essential Reproductivity. People is primed to seek out people who will help us create healthy children and hence ensure the continuation of our genes. For the evolutionary psychologist human is designed to detect mate quality. In most of time, male unconsciously are attracted to women at the peak of their reproduction potential. Male find female attractive by virtue primarily of their childbearing ability. Body size (body mass index) and shape (waist to hip ratio and leg to body ration), are all fundamentally important signals of fecundity. Males are ‘programmed’ to seek out high quality peak reproductive potential in female by favouring features that signal high reproduce capability, youth or fertility rather than attributes that signal, say status. These features include full lips, clear skin, smooth skin, clear eyes, lustrous hair energy level. (Furuham, 2012)

Female, on the other hand, looking for a preference for high status (particularly in long-term relationships) over other considerations like attractiveness. This is because the higher a man is in status, the greater his ability to control resources. High status in most societies is associated with wealth and power. It may also be associated with intelligence, emotional stability, and conscientiousness, which are themselves desirable traits. Consequently, rivalry among male to attract female focuses on acquiring and displaying cues of resources. Therefore, the easiest measurement may often be beauty vs. wallet deep. (Furuham, 2012)

Then, I asked wife to answer one of my question. Could the most beautiful sexy woman possess all attributes on above except fertility, gain a high-status male? Her answer was straight yes for period of short term, definitely not work in long term. Because of the female lost the most critical factor that is the topic Essential Re-productivity.