Annual Leaves topic

 Leave is a top topic cross board of all businesses. What is your entitlement? Do you know or do you understand how does your leave have been calculated? I am here to interpreting some concepts of leaves. In New Zealand, we have all sorts of leave available, such as annual leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, …

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What are impacts on high human resource turnover? Good or bad?

Impact: lost institutional knowledge, lost intellectual properties intangible asset, financial costly recruiting, time spending on restraining. Reasons: pursue new challenges with better pay Consider: how much does it cost replace human resource? How to measure that cost in both financial and non-financial terms? Can be non-financial term converted into dollar value? Solution: Focus higher salaries, …

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Total Quality Management

Here is total quality management procedure summarised from my work. Attention on detail is the key success factor of TQM. Prevention phase- input Check source documents. Do you understand? What do I need to do? Why do I need to do? How to do it? Which is the best way to do? First Check inputted …

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