Authority to act as Tax Agent & Accountant and Accept Terms of Engagement

    This form is to appoint ZZZ Accountants of Blackwood Drive, Wattle Downs, Auckland, 2103. DYNAMIC SERVICES LIMITED trade as ZZZ Accountants. This authority is to be read and accepted to in conjunction with our terms of engagement. It is available at end of this Authority.

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    I/We have appointed ZZZ Accountants of Blackwood Drive, Wattle Downs, Auckland, 2103. (required)

    Authorize them to act as my/our Tax Agent and Accountant from this date and they have the authority to deal with and obtain information from IRD on all tax types such as Income Tax, GST, PAYE, FTB and Family Support Payments. This information can be obtained by several medians including but not limiting to phone, fax, post and via internet. To modify customer details relating to all tax types as required. This authority and arrangements outlined in this letter will continue in effect from year to year unless it is mutually agreed to change them. (required)

    Authorize them to request and/or confirm personal tax summaries, file and sign any return/PTS for any tax type on my behalf and/or claim any tax credits owing to me for any tax type. (required)

    Authorize them to communicate with my/our bankers, solicitors the Inland Revenue Department, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) or any other party, to act on our behalf and obtain such information as you may require in order to carry out the above assignments.(required)

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